I’ve met a lot of people during this campaign. One of the most memorable moments was in Karkkila bar called Pikkupässi. I met a very brave woman who told she’s the only black girl in the city. She told me about everyday racism she meets everywhere. I made a personal promise to her to fight against racism whenever I can. That’s very easy promise for me to make, ’cause that’s what I’ve been doing anyway and I will continue to work against prejudices always.

When I was young I lived in a small town Nummela. We had immigrants from many places, but zero black person. My friend’s stepfather was propably one of the first colored persons when he moved to Nummela. He was very nice to us teenagers and taught english to us. I never understood that he’s different or why he shouldn’t be in Finland.

First contact with racism was when I was even much younger. As a kid I had a friend from other country. The way other kids talked about her was pretty sick and racist. Kids can be cruel to each other with lots of reasons, and I don’t blame them for too much, because usually their attitude comes from their parents. Of course bullying is always wrong and we don’t have to tolerate that at all.

I have friends who are from other countries and I’ve been working with people from different cultures. I’ve always learned something new from them. There’s good people and bad people in every culture. It ain’t easy to be good if others think you are bad, but I know many who still are.

Now 2019 we still have racism. During this campaign I’ve met many people who thinks that Finland is only for ”original finnish people”. Few people have been very angry for me when they heard that I’m against racism and I want human rights to everybody. (WTF?!). I’m used to bullies tho, that shit doesn’t stop me or scare me. Actually it does the opposite, it makes me even more motivated and stronger. But still, I’m happy that mostly people I’ve met are kind and want to do good for others together.

I try to understand people who hate other people, it ain’t easy, but it’s important. Mostly these people have a lot of problems in their own life and they need to blame it for somebody else. What is easier target to blame than minorities? This is a real problem in our society. This will change slowly, but we need to be brave enough to fight against poverty and inequality in our society. We need to stand up for everybody’s rights. We need to fight against governments that make people unhappy. We need to be humans to other humans. We need to unite.

We need peace.



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